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Impatient Exorcist

Impatient Exorcist


Impatient Exorcist is Detroit filmmaker Aaron Trudgeons second film and follow-up to Hamtragic shows a lot of promise and improvement for the burgeoning filmmaker. Produced by No Fun Films, this short tells the wacky tale of an exorcists own struggles with a demon before he can even get off to start his days work.


Anxious to be off on his way to meet a fellow holy man so they can begin their days work, an exorcist begins to stress out as he looks around his home for some holy oil. While he is looking though a devil appears to start some mischief, and in this case in the form of a hidden laugh track that mocks what the exorcist and his loved ones are saying. Unable to figure out what is going on and where the laughter is coming from, the exorcist is only getting more frustrated. Enter a helpful angel who clues the exorcist in on where the laugh track is, and the exorcist and his wife make quick work of the diabolical device. With the laugh track destroyed the angel shows our resident devil the door and the house is returned to normalcy. Or relative normalcy. A bit put off by the strangeness of his morning, the exorcist needs something to set him back to rights again, enter a wonderfully chipper song and dance about sending the devils to the pit.


To say this is an odd little film is really an understatement, but, then, odd seems to be the intention. Using humor and quirkiness to preach messages from the Bible is the point here, and its not a bad strategy. Its much more effective than trying to push ideas without the sugar of oddball humor. The production is no budget but works for the story and if you can give yourself to the story and go with it, its definitely fun. This is a case where, really, this is all about people who love to make movies, and who are making movies for themselves and their friends and were just along for the ride. So its awfully hard to be harsh with filmmakers like that. The film is well made, with good camerawork, and decent sound. There is one editing mistake that is more a problem than continuity than anything else but the moment fits in with the entire film and doesnt really distract. And there is a lot of very well done music throughout that is well implemented also.


The film retails for $10 and is really worth the investment as, again, its not often that you get a film made by people who just love to get together and make movies. It isnt always good, and there are some groan inducing gags, but its a fast-paced and passionate film.

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6 out of 10 Jackasses
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