The Rocky Horror Picture Show review by Jackass Jon

Story Summary

Hmm... How the hell can you summarize The Rocky Horror Picture Show? You can't, period. I'll give it a half hearted attempt though.

Lets see, boy and girl are in love. Boy and girl attend their friends wedding. Boy and girl go for a drive through the woods. Boy and girls car gets a flat. Boy and girl don't have a spare. Boy and girl walk to a house in the dark for help... Boy and girl are never the same again after going into the house...

Seriously, you should all know about Rocky Horror by now. If you don't stop reading here and just stay where you are. The sheltered life you live now will be just fine until the day you die... For the rest of you die hard movie goers out there that probably saw this movie the way it wasn't meant to be viewed (drunk or high in the theatre with toast and rice all over), come on in for a recap of what is considered the worlds all time Cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

DVD features

I know there are at least two different releases of this DVD but the one I have is (I think) the 25th Anniversary two disc set. The set is of course packed with a ton of cool stuff. Disc one has a U.K. and a  U.S. version of the movie. There's also an original cut and a new edition cut with the "superheroes" musical sequence edited back in. Disc one also has a commentary by Richard O'Brien (Riff Raff) and Patricia Quinn (Magenta), a theatrical experience view of the movie with add-ins where people acting the show out are shown here and there with a intro from Sal Piro (RHPS fan club president), a "prompter" subtitled version of the movie so you know what to yell or do at the right time (throw your rice or squirt your water pistol etc) and of course a bunch of DVD-ROM extras like games and trivia (for your DVD equipped PC). Disc two has some really neat excerpts and outtakes from the VH1 Behind the Music special featuring interviews with Susan Sarandon (Janet Weiss), Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors), Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Meatloaf (Eddie). Disc two also has the VH1 Hot Patootie video, Rocky Horror double feature video show, trailers and a few other goodies...


This movie is truly the ultimate Cult classic. I saw it first when I was a young teenager. Of course back then you were supposed to see it when you were blasted so I did just that. I got totally ripped, went to see the movie and passed out cold. Yep, didn't remember any of it. Then I saw it again only slightly buzzed and believe it or not, it was much better. Several years after that I dated a girl who played a part in a fan club group so I saw it every Saturday night for a long looong time. I think this movies appeal is that it's so absurd you can't not like it. I mean come on, take a look at Tim Curry (Doctor Frank-N-Furter (A Scientist)) dressed up in his high heels and fishnet stockings... Who in there right mind isn't attracted to him! And no, I don't like men. Women are definitely my thing, they come in too many different colors, shapes, sizes and flavors to ever run out. But still, Frank-N-Furter is da man! The music is fantastic, the dance sequences are wild (The Time Warp) and the characters are too much. Riff Raff and Magenta rock as the oddly butler and maid. Meatloaf plays the part of dead Eddie perfectly and the whole idea of the movie is simply great fun. It rips on B-rated horror and science fiction flicks while at the same time turns the average movie going patron into a character from the movie (throw your rice or squirt your water pistol now). Susan Sarandon looked great for just about the entire movie (almost naked) and have you noticed any other shows you've seen Barry Bostwick on? Yep, the Mayor on Spin City. Yes this movie has it all and has nothing at the same time. Horror, sex, violence, singing, dancing, eating (Eddie), hot women, hunky men, sweet transvestites and even aliens! Damn good movie.

Final Thoughts

If you haven't seen it yet, you probably never will. But if your a fan from the past, it's a must have and is a ton of fun to watch with a bunch of people. My kids love it too and they don't even understand half of the remarks or the satirical meanings. The only downside to letting them watch it has been keeping them quiet in the stores. They love to sing "I'm a sweet transvestite, from transsexual Transilvian ya ha" "Humpf humpf". Oh the looks we get...

10 out of 10 Jackasses
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