Return of the King review by Jackass Jon

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, a two minute review...

Once again, it's about 4:15 a.m., the snow is falling and I have just finished watching the east coast premiere of the last LoTR film. This year I took my two oldest kids with me and they seem to have loved it as much as myself.

As I expected and have read for the last two weeks, this film is by far the best of the three and totally completes what I believe to be the best trilogy of films ever made. I don't know what will ever come close in the remaining time I have left in life. From the minute the lights went down to the second the ending credits started scrolling by, I was completely enthralled by every scene and totally trapped by the story as it unfolded. If you've seen the first two movies you are well familiar with all the characters and can feel the weight of burden each carries on their shoulders. I actually felt like it was hard to draw breath at certain moments of the film. I tried to bring my attention out of the movie every so often to gage the audience but each time I did, the only thing I could see was the emotional roller coaster each person was on. It's without any doubt an extremely powerful and impacting film. What a saga... What a truly epic story...

It's definitely time to read the books again.

Jon the Jackass.

10 out of 10 Jackasses
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