Batman : Dead End review by The Grim Ringler

First of all, I admit that it’s weird that I am going to review a ‘fan-film’ as, well, it isn’t like you can go out and buy or rent this thing. But you can find it. I got my copy from Kazaa and I found another website online that you can watch it from, so you can see this. And I strongly recommend you do.

Made as a sort of love-letter/calling card, director Sandy Collora has created, with only thirty thousand dollars, what many on the net are calling the best Batman film ever made. I don’t know if I would go that far, but they are pretty damn close.

A short but packed film weighing in at just over seven minutes Batman :DE shows a meaner, darker Batman than we are used to seeing as he hunts an escaped Joker down in an alley in Gotham. The two exchange blows and then a brilliantly written verbal assault ensues in which Joker blames Batman for what he is, for making him who he is, but just as Batman is about to take Joker back to Arkham Asylum something grabs him by the head and pulls him up the side of a building, his laughter dying away as he disappears. From behind Batman comes a low hiss and when he turns around we see it’s an Alien (yes, from the Alien films), and a brief battle ensues before the Alien is taken out by another foe, a Predator!! This is some crazy stuff, believe me. The battle between the Predator and Batman is brilliantly staged and leads to a pretty great cliff hanger that really does leave you wanting much, much more.

Brilliantly acted and written, this is what Batman has been missing, the dark edge. A lot of people will bug out because of the Alien and Predator being in it but they are part of the extended universe of Bats, having appeared in mini-series’ before. And I think the point of them being in it was that he wanted to make a movie that NO ONE would make, that fans would love, but no one would touch. And on that he has succeeded. Very well shot, the film captures the moody atmosphere from the comics and the darker side of a hero that has not been treated well in his past film incarnations. And as far as I am concerned, in Clark Bartram, they have found their new Batman. Wow.

I cannot recommend this film highly enough. This is more than just a great fan film, this is a great film period. And deserves to be seen. Easily one of the best movies the summer has to offer.


9 out of 10 Jackasses
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