Identity review by The Grim Ringler

Wow. This was one hell of a birthday movie, I tell ya what, and being that it just sorta came out of nowhere and I had never heard of it before last week, I have to say, neat!

Identity finds eleven strangers drawn, during storm, to an isolated motel where they have no choice but to take refuge for the night. During the storm there arrives a family of three who have had an accident, a chauffeur and his actress client who caused the accident, a young couple, a prostitute, a cop and the criminal he is transporting, and the clerk at the motel. None have ever seen one another but during the course of the night, as a killer amongst them begins eliminating them all, one by one, they will realize that while they have never met before, the do have a connection, but can they find it before its too late?

This is another movie that is a bit of a drag to review because the less you know the better. Its one of those plot-twist movies that can be so fun if you dont know the twist. In this one there is a sort of double-twist, and while you can see each one coming, neither really ruined the movie for me. The acting is very well done, to me the surprise being John Cusack whom I am used to seeing only in comedies, and does a wonderfully grim turn as the chauffer who has run into the mother of a young son during the storm. But all in all, the entire cast is very well put together, and they truly are the glue that keeps everything from falling apart because if you stop buying into any one of the actors then the entire movie is shot.

The film is essentially a thriller and its filmed like a mix between a film from that genre and a horror film, the motel itself shot as if it is were the Bates Motel from Psycho, the building taking on a eerie presence as its occupants are murdered one by one. The greatest thing though is that there is a lot more to the movie than it may seem, a sub-text that when considered, makes you re-examine much of the film with new eyes. This really is a film I think you can get more from with each viewing.

I am sorry there is not more of a review for the film but the aspects of it I would like to talk about would blow the plot and twists of the film and well, that aint my job. My advice though is to see it if you like well made, chilling thrillers. The ads sadly play this as if its a horror film, and it isnt in the least. But it is a very well done mystery with a very good ending. And it made a heck of a birthday movie for me.


8 out of 10 Jackasses
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