After the Bloodrush - Behind the Scenes review by The Grim Ringler

AFTER THE BLOODRUSH Behind the Scenes(documentary) Each time I have reviewed a film from No Fun Films, out of Hamtramck, Michigan, I make sure to give them credit for doing what they do, and so the first thing I say is congratulations. While this isnt a new film, per se, any time you can get a group of people together to create something its no small feat. What we have here in ATB Behind the Scenes is a documentary on the making of the companys next film AFTER THE BLOODRUSH, a vampire film set for release in the Fall of 08. AFTER chronicles the filming of their new film and, while filming all the behind the scenes stuff, they discovered something else ATB Behind the Scenes is like any number of behind the scene documentaries that are made about films the cast and crew at work, the cast and crew at play, and a whole lot of how the film was made. The thing that makes this such a unique and special film though is how it is presented and what lies at the center of the film. ATB BTS is played out like a local show run by a horror host who is presenting footage during breaks from other (some made-up, others all but forgotten) films hes showing. The horror host is in equal turns funny and nasty to his assistant and while the jokes are not always great, they help keep the tone of the show. The heart of this film really lies in a mystery that was discovered while filming BLOODRUSH. While filming at the old Hamtramck jail the cast and crew began to experience unexplainable occurrences that began to worry some of those on set. The film, as much as it is about how BLOODRUSH was made, is about ghosts, and ghost stories. What if, the film seems to ask, you were making a horror film and something scary happened? The premise of the film is quite novel and works very well. Instead of your usual boring behind the scenes documentary, here you get the added fun of a ghost hunt. Now, whether there really was a ghost, and whether they found evidence of such things is entirely up to interpretation, but its a fun mystery to see explored. This might better have been served as part of the release for BLOODRUSH but as it stands, its a fun film and has an allure and tale to tell. Certainly not perfect bur a very fun watch and a quick sixty minutes. Great way to prime the pump for their upcoming film, and a wonderful way to chill the bones on dark nights. c {This film is five dollars from No Fun Films}

7 out of 10 Jackasses
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