I Love New York, Season 1 review by Lwin the Rabbit Hater

I Love New York is a Reality TV show that was premiered and aired on VH1. The show is a spinoff from another VH1 Reality TV show by the name of "Flavor of Love." The concept of the show is that there is a central character who is looking or love and other cast members of the show are trying to win his (in the case of Flavor of Love) or her love by the end of the season. I never saw Flavor of Love so I can not say anything about that show apart from the basic concept of the show and how I Love New York came about from the Flavor of Love which was somewhat explained within the first 10 minutes of the start of the season. Well, the story is as follows: There is a girl by the name of Tiffany "New York" Pollard. She was rejected by Flav twice in two years so she is now going to look for love herself the only way she knows how. Contact the producers of Flavor of Love and have them hook her up with her own show.

I Love New York is a long running reality dating show and as such full of twists and turns and full of drama. There are moments where I believe that producers paid the cast members to act a certain way to promote controversy and turmoil throughout the show and make it interesting. I am not going to give away when and where in the show they do that since it happens in pretty much every episode of the season and by the third episode, you get sick of it. To be blunt, you have to have that twist and turns or the show will turn out to be an extremely boring version of the run-of-the-mill dating show that airs on TV with no end in sight.

Everyone in the show is an actor and everyone seemed to have a motive of their own but to find love. Tiffany (aka New York) is a stubborn immature woman who seems to get enjoyment out of making out with her "guests" and seems to want everything given to her (including love) on a silver platter. How an ugly trailer trash girl gets a show of her own is beyond belief in this day and age. I am even more surprised that they can not find any men who are somewhat intellectually talented. Don't get me wrong, I am not running around with 200 IQ points under my belt but why can't America not find any men who are somewhat level headed with a decent head on their shoulders anymore? On the second thought anyone with a decent head on their shoulder would not go for anyone like New York anyways so I should not really be beating up the network for one of the downfalls of the show. The show is full of scenes about an over reactive mother who wants the right man for her daughter, a dumb girl who apparently wants some love and yet does not know what she wants from a man. That fact was proven as New York begins eliminating some of the better men in the show. I'd have love to see New York with Mr. Boston or with Bones at the end of the show. That would have made the show a little more interesting than just a typical girl seeks love show. Tie up the racial or moral twist in the reality show. I love New York is also full of men who have little or no motivation in life but to get by under the radar striking a contract of some sort and making it big, dreaming the American Dream. Wake up people! There is a reason why it's call a Dream. Otherwise, it'd be call American Reality. The last fact became apparent around the fourth episode where the men had to produce their life plan and goals and present them to New York. I can not believe the crap they came up with. If I was New York, I'd have considered all of the losers and let them all go after that show. The formula for the show is to have an ugly idiotic girl make bad decision about love and repeat it for 10 episodes (until the last one) and have the man she falls for wake up and realize how bad the girl has treated him and have him tell her to go to hell.

I am going to bottom line this show once and for all and give a quick review and reason for the rating I am giving it. The concept of the show is horrible. You can not find love by putting twenty guys and a girl in a room. You will see a lot of drama but not love. New York is dealing with concept of love and I don't really think that she is ready for true love. She just can not handle it. Sure there are moments of drama but there are many other shows out there with drama which are more enjoyable and bearable to watch. Now that I have seen the whole season, I am going to poke my eyes out now. There are not many points I can give for such a lousy show. I'll give it 2/10 and I am being generous. Stay away from it at all cost unless you really have nothing else to do and you really want to become dumb and poke your eyes out like I feel right at the moment. No score for creativity, none for story line, none for entertainment. Go watch something else. I can't believe that 4 million viewers watched this show.

2 out of 10 Jackasses
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