The Simpsons Movie review by The Grim Ringler

Well, it took enough damned time, but here it is, the first film foray for the family Fox built. As a fan since the Tracey Ullman Show shorts, I wasnt sure what to expect when this came out but I was cautiously optimistic. Could it be good and capture some of the weirdness and yet the sweet moments that make the show so special?

The answer is absolutely yes.

Springfield is in trouble. People have been dumping so much sewage and garbage into the local waterways that the American government and the EPA have declared Springfield a danger to the rest of the country. Things got this bad when, after the town made a concerted effort to clean up their act, Homer chose free donuts over responsibility and dumped a silo of pig poo into the water and that was the last straw as far as the EPA was concerned. The president blindly chooses the fate of Springfield and within days a dome is lowered over the town, keeping everyone inside and keeping the filth within the city. Things turn ugly in Springfield as the citizens learn who is responsible for their plight and Homer is a hunted man. He and the family are able to escape his bloody fate. The family has never lived outside of Springfield though and is not sure where to go, or what to do. Homer asks his family to trust him, to follow him to Alaska, to a new life, a new beginning, and a second chance. Marge, always there for Homer when he needs her, places her trust in him and to Alaska they go, finding a semblance of peace and a new happiness. In Springfield though, things are only getting worse. When its learned that Homer has escaped the dome, the order is put out to deal Springfield the final blow, to nuke the town and to wipe all memory of such a place from America. Marge, Bart, and Lisa cannot fathom allowing this to happen to their friends and to the place they truly feel is their home but Homer refuses to return. Hes made his decision; he has chosen their new home. Marge makes her own decision then, and it is to leave Homer, to take the kids, and to return, and to fight to save Springfield. Homer, alone for the first time, and facing the truth of what hes done, must find the courage and strength in himself to return, to face his shame, and to win back his family and save his town.

This is the Simpsons we all hoped wed see. This is the fun, the wit, and the heart that has been traded in so many times for the quick gags on the television show. The soul of this show, and this film, is that, jokes and gags aside, this is a family that loves one another, and loves where they live. The family is why this film works, and it works outwards from there. Yes, its funny, very funny. Not every joke works, but there are so many laughs that you tend to overlook the duds. There is a great, ridiculous story that serves up a bit of cheeky satire about the government. And its all put together with some very good looking animation.

Certainly not the film of the summer, but perhaps a transition so that the television show can fade away and allow the films to give us a longer, stronger dose of Simpsons every so often, thats my hope at least. Fans should love this and if you have never been a fan, this might be a good place to see what youve been missing.


8 out of 10 Jackasses
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